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Sport Highlights

Posted by clent On 11/25/2009 11:38:00 PM 0 comments
wow! new sports blog that I have found,

My new Travel and Tourism Blog

Posted by clent On 5/07/2009 02:17:00 PM 0 comments

Hello guys, I have created a new blog about travel and tourism. hope you will like it and be kind to visit it.:)

Best Web Hosting - Hostgator.

Posted by clent On 3/12/2009 09:36:00 AM 1 comments

Want to host you very own websites?

When asked for that question “who is the best?”.. we always considering the hosting company offering the best quality services; good service uptime, good server performance, and good technical support, all at reasonable price.

And considering all those requirements, one web hosting company comes to my mind, HostGator.

Actually my previous clients used this hosting company and I asked them what they can say bout it,

"Well, I think it is the best hosting company, they have all the requirements needed to run an e-commerce website."

Yup, thats the truth, hosting you website at Hostgator will make you assure and happy.
Hostgator is also one of the Web hosting company that offers low hosting fees, so you will be secure both financial and security. So, what are you waiting for join Hostgator and enjoy and
benifit with thier amazing features!.

You can also read Hostgator reviews here. >>Click me<<

Facebook MouseHunt Addiction?

Posted by clent On 3/11/2009 09:12:00 PM 8 comments

Ng dahil sa "DAGA" Biglang naging addict!

eto pla MH profile ko. - DAGA!
add me up huh, donate daun gold.. :D

sayang ndi ako nanalo sa MH birthday celebration, sayang din ung $500!
yay! ako rai maawa!

You know you're an addict when...

  • When you have more huntbuddies than real friends. Or when your real friends are only huntbuddies.
  • You wake up thinking of mice, go to sleep thinking of mice, and can't believe how long it takes to get a deathbot. It gets so bad you talk to your friends 'bout it ...
    they don't get it ...
    that's why you come here.
  • You are surrounded by packing boxes because you're due to move house in two days, you've still got loads to pack and all you can think of is...

    ...MOUSEHUNT!!!! Aaaaarrrggggghhhhh!

    Anyway, wasting time writing this post - I need to sound the Hunter's Horn!
  • When you count down to every sec before you can blow the horn again.
  • when you calculate exactley how long it will be till your next upgrade in trap.
    when you donate to the cause for super brie or even a T-shirt(guilty).
    when your family needs your attention for something and all you can say is "hold on just another fifteen minutes....."

    AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! my cheese went stale!!
  • When you go through threads like these and add everyone who posted as a friend. :-)
  • when the first thing in the morning you do before you even take a pee is log on...
  • when you get an invite to the mouse hunt addiction group and you get EXCITED about it!!!
  • you learned to never shut down your PC so you can be 24/7 online
you can actually read it here! MH-Facebook. :)

Survey from a friend! :D

Posted by clent On 3/11/2009 04:43:00 PM 1 comments
Got this survey from Ms. Jean Diaz

1. Story behind your primary picture in FS?
** I dunno, ako missis nag butang ato! nyahahah **
** kasal kasalan man guro 2? **
** nyahahah **
2. Do you love chocolates?
** YUP! I'll kill you if you take my chocl8s away **
** nyahahah **
3. Are you emo?
** Duh!!! **
4. Song you adore the most?
** kaleidoscope world by francis M **
** A tribute to my master rapper! **
5. Your current mood in one word?
** Happy! Always! **

6. Latest realization?
** Life is important! **

7 . In love with whom?
**God, my wife, baby and family **

8. Story behind your background music?
** Wala pa koy BG music eh!**
** nyahahah **
9. Last place you hangout?
** Front of my computer! **
10. First band/group you liked?
** Savage Garden **
11. First music video you enjoyed?
** "This love" music video **
12. Favorite lines from a song?
** You are the most beautiful girl "mommy"**
** I love you Goodbye?? **

13. Word for the day?
** Horny by Tim**
14. What is the last comment you received?
** ????? **
15. Are you missing someone?
** my lola **
16. Last time you got tipsy/drunk?
** my lola's lamay :( **
17. What does the last text message you receive say?
** Ako rai maawa! **
18. Do you smoke?
** Nope~! **
19. Usual first impression on you?
** ambot **
20. Favorite tv series?
** 24 and Smallville **
21. Current addiction/passion?
** MH, facebook and Blogging **
22. What course are you planning to study for college?
** tapos na po, but planning to take java programming **
23. Last person you talked to on the phone?
** my Wife **
24. Last thing your mom told you?
** ingats **
25. Last thing your dad told you?
** dira nlang naog **
26. Do you still feel your answer in no.5?
** Huh!?! **
27. May gumugulo ba sa love life mo ngayon?
** la naman **

Now, I am passing this survey to my ????

blog friends

Posted by clent On 3/11/2009 04:02:00 PM 0 comments
blog friends blog friends blog friends blog friends

aptana subversion

Posted by clent On 3/11/2009 04:00:00 PM 0 comments

I’ve recently been doing a lot of development of Flex and AIR applications, using Adobe’s Flex Builder IDE. For right now, I’ve been downloading the beta builds of Flex Builder 3, and we’re using it for several development projects.

Flex Builder 3 is based on the Eclipse IDE, and the beta comes as a complete bundle of Eclipse and the Flex Builder plug-ins. One of the things that has bothered me recently is that, although Eclipse includes Concurrent Versions System (CVS) support in the humble package, there is no included support for Subversion (SVN). Both CVS and SVN are popular systems for groups of developers to keep track of source code of their projects. CVS has been around for decades, SVN is a newer resolution with a lot of valuable enhancements. Luckily, there is an Eclipse power to add SVN capabilities … it’s called Subclipse.

If you visit the Subclipse website, you’ll see they hit a great page that walks finished the steps for installing Subclipse … eliminate that in many cases - and ALL of mine - it simply does not work. The installation they outline makes a huge, gross assumption … that you hit installed the Java development libraries and tools. I haven’t.

I ended up searching around on Google, and found the answer! And it works great! It turns out that Adobe has had this reported to them as a bug … and I hit to agree that they ought to be bundling SVN support in Flex Builder 3! In the mean time, you crapper feature finished the Flex Builder 3 / SVN bug report … and the specific comment that outlines the resolution … or you crapper study the manual below:

  1. Go to the menu: Help -> Software updates -> Find and install.
  2. Select search for new features to install.
  3. Check the Europa discovery site and the SubEclipse update site.
  4. NOTE: add the Subclipse site via ‘New Remote Site’ if it isn’t present
  5. Click Finish.
  6. Check Subclipse.
  7. Under the Europa discovery site open “Java Development” and check “Eclipse Java Development Tools”. This is the key component that you need!
  8. Click Next and complete the wizard.
another way is! .....

Using the Update Manager

Installing Non-Aptana Plugins on Eclipse 3.2

  1. From the Help menu, select Software Updates -> Find and Install... to open an Install/Update pop-up window.
  2. On the Install/Update pop-up window, choose the Search for new features to install option, and click the Next button.
  3. Set up a new remote site to scan for updates.
    1. Click the New Remote Site... button to open a New Update Site pop-up window.
    2. On the New Update Site pop-up window, type the name of the new plug-in in the site Name text box.
    3. In the URL text box, type the URL for the update site. This URL should be listed on the web site or home page for the plug-in.
    4. Click OK.
    5. Click the Finish button to open an Updates window.
  4. On the Updates window, check the box next to the name of the plug-in, and click the Next button.
  5. Choose the option to accept the terms of the license agreement, and click the Next button.
  6. Click the Finish button.
  7. Click the Install All button.

Installing Non-Aptana Plugins on Eclipse 3.4+

  1. From the Help menu, select Software Updates...
  2. Select the Available Software tab.
  3. Click the Add Site... button.
  4. In the URL text box, type the URL for the update site. This URL should be listed on the web site or home page for the plug-in.
  5. Click the OK button
  6. Confirm that the new site is selected.
  7. Click the enable Install button.
  8. Click the Install All button.

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